(A)   Small satellite dishes, 24 inches in diameter and smaller, are allowed within the city, provided that they are placed in the back yard of residences in a manner which minimizes their visibility.  Back yard shall mean even with the rear wall of the house.  Small satellite dishes may be placed on the roof of residences only if the placement is not visible from the street.
   (B)   If a resident can show that in order to receive its signal, the small satellite dish must be placed in a location other than that allowed under division (A) above, then the Code Enforcement Officer, in his or her discretion, may grant the placement, provided the dish is adequately screened from street view.
   (C)   Large satellite dishes, larger than 24 inches in diameter, cannot be placed on any lot within the city limits.
(Ord. G-D9, Series 1997-98, passed 2-24-98)  Penalty, see § 10.99