§ 155.01  LIMITATIONS.
   From and after the adoption and publication of this chapter, home businesses operating within the city are now subject to the following limitations:
   (A)   Home businesses may not employ any person who does not live in the home.
   (B)   Home businesses may not offer any merchandise for retail sale.
   (C)   No more than 10% of the living space within the residence may be utilized by the home business.
   (D)   Home businesses may not use outside advertising visible on or through the exterior of the home/property to the extent that signage would be incompatible with existing restrictions of record in city ordinance.
   (E)   No mechanical equipment besides that which is normally used at a residence may be utilized by the home businesses.
   (F)   No parking space other than the driveway of the home may be used by customers of home businesses.
   (G)   Hours of operation, where customers require ingress and egress, are limited from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
   (H)   No business may create any hazardous traffic condition.
   (I)   No sales or services may be performed on the outside of the residence.
(Ord. G-D10, Series 1994, passed 10-25-94; Am. Ord. G-D3, Series 1998-99, passed 9-22-98)  Penalty, see § 10.99