§ 151.27  MAINTENANCE.
   (A)   Sign identification.  Every sign hereafter registered shall show in a conspicuous place thereon, which is visible to the Code Enforcement Officer and is readable by the officer from the ground, the permit number, or a copy of the permit shall be maintained at the site of the sign and displayed to the Code Enforcement Officer or his or her designee upon demand.
   (B)   Premises maintenance.  All freestanding signs and the premises surrounding same shall be maintained by the owner thereof in a clean, sanitary and inoffensive condition and free and clear of all obnoxious substances, rubbish and weeds.
   (C)   Unsafe and unlawful signs.  If the Code Enforcement Officer shall find that any sign or other advertising structure regulated herein is unsafe or insecure, or is a menace to the public, or is abandoned or is maintained in a dilapidated condition, or has been constructed or erected or is being maintained in violation of the provisions of this subchapter, he or she shall give written notice to the permittee or property owner thereof, at the address shown on the sign permit, if any.  If the permittee or property owner thereof fails to remove or alter the structure so as to comply with the standards herein set forth within ten days after the notice, the sign or other advertising structure may be removed or altered by the Code Enforcement officer to comply at the expense of the permittee or owner of the property upon which it is located.  The Code Enforcement Officer shall refuse to issue a permit to any permittee or owner who refuses to pay costs so assessed.  The Code Enforcement Officer may cause any sign or other advertising structure which is an immediate peril to persons or property to be removed summarily and without notice.  The permittee or owner shall also be liable for the penalties hereinafter prescribed.
(Ord. G-D8, Series 1992, passed 10-27-92)  Penalty, see § 151.99