It is hereby declared to be a public nuisance for any owner or other person in control of a property or premises to keep or maintain property, premises or rights-of-way in such a manner that any of the following conditions are found to exist.
   (A)   Incomplete projects. Any renovation or construction to structures or grounds must be completed through consistent, sustained effort and no such building or grounds under construction or renovation may be allowed to be uncompleted for an unreasonable length of time, given due consideration to the type of project. A period of 120 days without consistent, sustained effort to complete the project shall be an unreasonable length of time, without sufficient, specific, written explanation for the delay.
   (B)   Any premises which detrimentally impacts the surrounding neighborhood because of dilapidation, deterioration or decay or is unsafe for the purpose for which it is being used or is not secured or is improperly secured.
   (C)   Permits any structure/residence to become unfit and/or unsafe for human habitation or occupancy, or to permit condition to exist in the structure which is dangerous or injurious to the health or safety of the occupants or the structure, the occupants of neighboring structures, or other residences of the city. All residences within the city shall have a safe and operable connection to water, electric/gas, and sewer services. Residents who are in the process of construction and are in compliance with division  (A) of this section are exempt from this section during the construction.
   (D)   Permits or causes the interface with any obstruction of a drainage ditch, device or system as to inhibit, alter, or prevent proper drainage patterns.
   (E)   Permits the accumulation of ashes, leaves, wood, lumber, limbs, twigs, storm debris and/or any residue from the burning of any combustible material.
   (F)   Any tree, stack, or other object standing in such a condition that is likely to, if the condition is allowed to continue, endanger life, limb or property, or cause hurt, damage or injury to persons or property by falling thereof or of parts thereof.
   (G)   Permits the dropping, deposit, or acquiesce in the dropping, depositing, scattering of waste material in any manner, in or on any public or private property any material of any kind, not including normal yard maintenance material.
   (H)   Permits any condition to exist that is injurious to the public health. Such as but not limited to:
      (1)   Unlawful storage of explosives;
      (2)   Having an uncovered or insecurely covered cellar, well, pit or any excavation or situated upon any premises in any open lot or plane that any reasonable or prudent man should realize should be injurious to human health;
      (3)   The failure to keep an animal’s pen, yard, lot or other enclosure in a sanitary condition and free from preventable offensive odors;
      (4)   Permits the presence of polluted water, or the accumulation of any substance that attracts vermin, rodents, insects, or animals or is otherwise injurious to the public health;
      (5)   Permits the unlawful burning of any refuse, garbage, or waste or material of any kind; and
      (6)   Play and/or recreational structures or equipment, including, but not limited to, tents, swing sets, or other play or recreational structure or equipment (except for basketball goals) may only be placed behind the front wall of the primary residential structure on any lot.
   (I)   Permits any condition to exist that causes a building or grounds not to be in good repair. Such as but not limited to:
      (1)   Every window; exterior door; basement; porch; roof; eaves; foundation; exterior wall; exterior stairs; shall be reasonably watertight; weathertight; bird, animal, and rodent proof; and shall be kept in sound condition and good repair;
      (2)   All exterior wood surfaces, other than decay resistant woods, shall be protected from the elements and decay by paint, which is not lead-based paint, or by other protective covering or treatment. Any peeling paint is a violation of this section; and
      (3)   All gutters, shutters, down spouts and any other parts of the exterior of the home shall be maintained in their original condition and be fit for their intended purpose.
(Ord. G-D9, Series 2011-2012, passed 6-26-12)