The requirements for permits, inspections and fees shall be as provided for pursuant to 815 KAR 10:060, Kentucky Standards of Safety and stipulated in the schedule attached to the ordinance codified herein. Failure to pay fees as provided shall be considered a violation in itself as allowed under the Standards of Safety. Municipal, state and federal government entities shall be exempt for all fees. Inspections shall be conducted at least annually or as often as is practicable. An inspection permit will be issued upon compliance. Inspection permits shall not be transferable and shall be valid for a period of time set forth on the permit. The business occupying a space shall be responsible for complying with this subchapter and regulations and fees established here-in.
(Ord. G-D5, Series 2011-2012, passed 10-25-11; Am. Ord. G-D5, Series 2012-2013, passed 4-23-13)