The following fence regulations shall be observed:
   (a)   No fence more than thirty percent (30%) solid or more than forty-two inches in height above the established street or alley grade shall be erected within the corner area of a lot that is included between the lines of two intersecting streets, two intersecting alleys, or the intersection of a street and alley and a straight line connecting them at points twenty-five feet distant from the center of said intersection. (Ord. 2012-01. Passed 1-17-12.)
   (b)   No fence shall be erected in any front yard.
   (c)   No fence shall be erected in any side or rear yard that is adjacent to the front yard of a neighboring lot without prior approval of the Board of Zoning Appeals.
   (d)   No fence shall be erected in the rear or side yard adjacent to the street/alley of a corner lot without prior approval of the Board of Zoning Appeals.
   (e)   Except as provided in subsections (a), (b), (c), and (d) hereof, fences not over five feet high may be located on any part of a lot.
      (Ord. 98-13. Passed 9-8-98.)
   (f)   Except as provided in subsections (a) and (c) hereof, fences not over six feet high may be erected on those parts of a lot that are as far back or farther back from the street as ten feet forward of the rear of the main building.
      (Ord. 2012-01. Passed 1-17-12.)
   (g)   Every swimming pool, including existing swimming pools, shall be completely enclosed by a fence of sturdy construction not less than forty-five inches in height, measured from the level of the ground where located, which shall be of such design and construction as to effectively prevent a child from crawling or otherwise passing through or under such fence. Each gate in such fence shall be provided with a secure lock and shall be kept locked at all times when the depth of water in the pool exceeds eighteen inches, unless such pool is in use or is under the immediate observation of a responsible person. No part of any fence shall be located between the building setback line fixed by the Zoning Ordinance and the street on which the lot or parcel abuts.
   (h)   No person, firm or corporation shall construct any barbed wire, metal pronged or spiked fence in a residential district.
   (i)   No electric current shall be applied to any fence.
   (j)   Fences shall be erected with the posts and other supporting structural elements facing inward toward the principal structure and concealed from view of the adjoining properties whenever possible.
(Ord. 98-13. Passed 9-8-98.)