Off-street parking spaces shall be provided as follows:
   (a)   Single-family and two-family dwellings: Two spaces per dwelling unit.
   (b)   Multiple-family dwellings: One space for each bedroom; one space for each dwelling unit for independent housing constructed for the elderly.
   (c)   School: For high school, two spaces per classroom, one for every ten students for whom the facility is designed; for elementary and middle schools, two parking spaces per classroom.
   (d)   Nursing home, residential care facility, hospice: one-half space per bed.
   (e)   Church or other place of worship, auditoriums, theaters and other places of public assembly: One parking space for each five seats.
   (f)   Community center, library, museum, or similar public or semi-public building: One parking space for each 300 square feet of floor area in the building.
      (Ord. 98-13. Passed 9-8-98.)