The yard spaces required for a use or structure shall remain free of all uses or structures with the following exceptions:
   (a)   Fences shall be permitted in any required yard or along the edge of any yard, unless regulated or prohibited by other sections of the Zoning Code.
   (b)   Eaves, cornices, window awnings, window sills and belt courses, chimneys and window air conditioner units may project into any required yard a distance not to exceed two feet.
   (c)   Unenclosed porches may extend ten feet into the required front yard. Porches in the required rear yard are permitted if they meet all accessory use requirements.
   (d)   Parking areas shall be permitted in required yards only as specified in Chapter 1153.
(Ord. 98-13. Passed 9-8-98.)
   (e)   A proposed addition to a non-conforming residential structure in the RS-1 and RS-2 Residential Districts may encroach up to two feet into the required side yard setback if the proposed addition is sited a minimum of eight (8) inches further in from the property line than the existing structure and if fire safety and Building Code requirements are met.
      (Ord. 2011-13. Passed 7-18-11.)