(a)   Yard Requirements for Corner Lots.
      (1)   In residential districts, the side yard requirements for corner lots shall be twenty feet, except that for lots of forty-one to fifty feet it shall be fifteen feet, and for lots of forty feet or less it shall be ten feet.
      (2)   In residential districts, accessory uses and detached structures shall be located a minimum of five feet farther back from the side street than the principal structure is allowed.
      (3)   No sign, fence, wall, shrub, or other obstruction to vision exceeding forty-two inches in height above the established street grade shall be erected, planted or maintained within the area of a corner lot that is included between the lines of the intersecting streets and a straight line connecting them at points twenty-five feet distant from the intersection of the street lines. Trees trimmed to ten feet above street are permitted.
   (b)   Access from Buildings to Streets. Every building hereafter erected or moved shall be on a lot adjacent to a public street or with access to an approved private street, and all structures shall be so located on lots as to provide safe and convenient access for servicing, fire protection, and required off-street parking.
   (c)   Through Lots. On through lots, no structure or accessory use shall be permitted within thirty feet of the rear lot line.
   (d)   Other General Requirements.
      (1)   Where a frontage is divided among districts with different front yard requirements, the deepest front yard required shall apply to the entire frontage.
      (2)   Required front yards shall be devoted to landscaped area and the necessary paving of driveways and sidewalks to reach parking or loading areas in the side or rear yard and front porches.
      (3)   Free-standing air conditioning units are prohibited in the front yard.
      (4)   The minimum width of side yards for schools, libraries, churches, community buildings, and other public buildings in residential districts shall be twenty-five feet, except where a side yard is adjacent to a commercial or industrial district, in which case, the width of that yard shall be as required in the district in which the building is located.
(Ord. 98-13. Passed 9-8-98.)