(a)   Purpose. The Board of Zoning Appeals is authorized to hear and decide applications for a demolition permit to raze a dwelling unit in any residential district. The purpose of the following comprehensive review is to protect the high quality of the community’s residential character and preserve the architectural design, historic elements, and other significant design features that contribute to that character by regulating the demolition of existing residential structures.
   (b)   Application for Demolition Permit.
      (1)   Application. An application for a demolition permit to remove a dwelling unit in a residential district shall be filed by the applicant, with the authorization of property owner if the owner is not the applicant, on a form provided by the Director of Building and Zoning. Nothing shall prevent the concurrent submittal of an application for a zoning map change or variance, if required.
      (2)   Submittal Requirements. The applicant shall submit the following with his application:
         A.   Site plan indicating property information, lot lines, existing and proposed building footprint, drawn to scale.
         B.   Detailed architectural plans for proposed replacement structure, with an embossed architectural seal.
         C.   Affidavit from applicant stating specific intent regarding the replacement structure and time lines.
         D.   A copy of the agreement between the applicant and a licensed demolition contractor and a copy of the contractor’s demolition license.
      (3)    Procedure.
         A.   A copy of the application shall be submitted to the Director of Building and Zoning not less than fifteen days prior to the date of the public hearing.
         B.   The Director of Building and Zoning shall review the application and attach a statement of zoning compliance indicating whether or not the proposed redevelopment complies with all applicable use and development requirements.
         C.   The Board shall hold a public hearing and act upon the application.
      (4)   Approval.
         A.   The Board shall review an application for a demolition permit to determine whether the application is complete and whether the proposed demolition and replacement plans comply with the purpose set forth within this section and the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance.
         B.   Upon approval by the Board, the Director of Building and Zoning shall issue a demolition permit.
         C.   A demolition permit does not become effective until all approvals necessary for the project, including any zoning map amendment or zoning variances have been approved by the appropriate body(ies).
         D.   A demolition permit automatically expires one year from its effective date.
         E.   A demolition permit is not transferable.
(Ord. 98-13. Passed 9-8-98.)