(a)   Permissive Uses.   As listed herein, provided that no dwelling or dwelling unit located within this district shall be used as a short-term rental for a period of less than thirty consecutive days unless also occupied during the short-term rental period by its occupants (as defined in Section 1133.02 (131)). (Ord. 2020-08. Passed 6-15-20.)
      (1)   Any permissive use of the RS Districts.
      (2)   Two-family dwelling.
   (b)   Conditional Uses.
      (1)   Any conditional use of the RS-2 district, except utility communication towers.
      (2)   Nursing, residential care facility, hospice.
      (3)   Town house and three- or four-family dwelling where the area being developed is one-half acre in area or larger.
   (c)   Development Standards.
      (1)   Minimum lot requirements.
         A.   Lot area: 6,000 square feet and a minimum of 3,500 square feet per dwelling unit.
         B.   Lot width: Forty feet for single-family dwelling; sixty feet for two-family dwelling.
      (2)   Minimum yard requirements.
         A.   Side Yard: For dwellings or associated accessory buildings there shall be a total side yard of fifteen feet or more with a minimum of six feet in width on each side.
         B.   Front Yard: Minimum thirty feet or average of adjacent existing dwelling setbacks, as defined under “frontage” in Section 1133.02(45), whichever is greater.
         C.   Rear Yard: For main buildings there shall be a minimum rear yard of twenty percent (20%) of the lot depth, but it need not exceed thirty feet.
      (3)   Maximum lot coverage shall be thirty percent (30%).
      (4)   Maximum height of principal building shall be two and one-half stories and shall not exceed thirty-five feet.
         (Ord. 98-13. Passed 9-8-98.)