(a)   The Mayor is hereby empowered to punish for contempt persons guilty of the following acts and no others:
      (1)   Disorderly, contemptuous or insolent behavior toward the Mayor, tending to interrupt the due course of judicial proceedings before the Mayor;
      (2)   A breach of the peace, boisterous conduct or violent disturbance, tending to interrupt judicial proceedings;
      (3)   Willful resistance, in the presence of the Mayor, to the execution of a lawful order or process made or issued by the Mayor; and
      (4)   Failure to appear when scheduled for Mayor's Court.
   (b)   The Mayor is hereby empowered to issue a warrant on which a person charged under subsection (a) hereof may be arrested and brought before the Mayor, at which time an opportunity to be heard in defense or excuse must be given.  The mayor may discharge or convict such person for the offense and adjudge a punishment by fine or imprisonment or both.  Such fine shall not be more than one hundred dollars ($100.00) and costs, and such imprisonment shall not be more than ten days.
(Ord. 98-011.  Passed 6-2-98.)