The Recreation Commission and/or Council may, from time to time, prescribe rules and regulations, in addition to the following rules and regulations, for the use and enjoyment of all property owned by the Village and designated for use as public parks:
   (a)   All park equipment shall be used for its intended use only.
   (b)   Bicycles must be placed in bike racks.
   (c)   Games or sporting actions are not to be played on or in driveways, parking areas, or any area specifically designed for vehicle use.
   (d)   Ice skating is prohibited.
   (e)   Children under the age of ten must be accompanied by an adult while in the park.
   (f)   The public parks shall be open daily from sunrise until sunset except for scheduled public activities or for private use by special permit only.
   (g)   The  pavilion shall be for the free use of the public during park hours. Any  individual may reserve the pavilion for private use and shall pay such fees as  determined by the Council.
   The Village Administrator, Recreation Commission and/or Council are hereby directed to cause the rules and regulations prescribed by the Recreation  Commission to be posted at the entrance to the public parks for the information of the users thereof.
(Ord. 94-010.  Passed 7-19-94; Ord. 10-026.  Passed 3-1-11.)