1215.04   WATER.
   (a)   Public Supply; Connection Required.  Where a public water supply approved by the Village is reasonably accessible, water mains shall be installed by the owner, at his or her own cost, and each lot within the subdivided area shall be provided with a connection thereto at the property line.
   (b)   Wells; Private Supply.  In a proposed subdivision, pending accessibility of a public water supply, the owner may be required to construct wells or a private water supply system in such manner that an adequate supply of potable water will be available to every lot in the subdivision at the time improvements are erected thereon. The adequacy, healthfulness and potableness of the water supply shall be subject to the approval of the State Health Department. The Village Engineer shall determine the amount of elevated water storage which will be required to provide fire protection.
   (c)   Water Mains; Fire Hydrants.  All water mains shall be at least 8 inches in diameter. Fire hydrant spacing shall be not greater than 300 feet in residential areas and not greater than 200 feet in commercial, industrial or multifamily areas. Line valves shall be provided at all street intersections and at not more than 1,000-foot intervals between blocks. All materials and appurtenances shall conform to the standards set by the Village Engineer.
(Ord. 650.  Passed 3-19-63; Ord. 778.  Passed 7-7-70.)