Official Standards
EDITOR'S NOTE: The State of Ohio operates on Eastern Daylight Savings Time from 2:00 a.m. of the first Sunday in April until 2:00 a.m. of the last Sunday in October. Congress on March 22, 1966, passed the Uniform Time Act requiring uniform observance throughout the nation of Daylight Savings Time starting in 1967, except that a state legislature could exempt the entire state from Daylight Savings Time or divide a state into not more than two parts, each with a different time standard. The Ohio legislature through inaction has elected to observe Eastern Daylight Savings Time throughout the State of Ohio.
   There are no sections in Chapter 204. This chapter has been established to provide a place for cross references and any future legislation.
State standard of time - see Ohio R.C. 1.04
State legal holidays - see Ohio R.C. 1.14, 5.20 et seq., 1303.45
State flag and other insignia - see Ohio R.C. 5.01 et seq.
State motto - see Ohio R.C. 5.06
State seals - see Ohio R.C. 5.10 et seq.
Official Map - see P. & Z. 1214.01