(a)   All house plumbing and all connections to the house sewer shall be constructed under this chapter and shall be made in accordance with the Ohio Plumbing Code.
   (b)   All vitrified sewer pipe, slants and specials shall be of the bell and spigot pattern, salt glazed circular, vitrified earthenware made from shale or fire clay, free from fire checks, blisters or other imperfections, and not less than six inches in diameter. Vitrified pipe for sanitary sewers shall be joined with preformed polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic joints, similar to those known as wedge-lock or tylox type B, suitable for forming a tight seal when the collar is properly inserted in the socket of adjoining pipe. PVC shall also be permitted for sewer laterals and mains.
   (c)   All house connections must be constructed of first-class vitrified clay bell and spigot pipe, not less than six inches in diameter, with all points well cemented for the entire circumference of the pipe, or of extra heavy cast iron pipe of the same diameter with leaded and caulked joints, or of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).