(A)   The Director of Public Works shall be personally responsible for the installation, operation, maintenance and good order of the water system of the city, the collection and removal of household refuse, the maintenance of storm water structures, streets and sidewalks of the city and all other functions as are assigned from time to time. The Director shall promptly execute all orders and observe all regulations prescribed by the city and shall be responsible for ensuring that all orders and regulations are obeyed and carried out. The Director shall be directly responsible and accountable to the City Administrator for the organization, direction, efficiency, training, discipline and morale of the Department of Public Works.
   (B)   The Director shall assume the duties of Inspector for the Department unless the Director shall appoint a competent employee of the Department to act as Inspector.
   (C)   The Director shall ensure that all books, records and reports are maintained according to current, applicable federal, state and municipal laws.
   (D)   The Director shall report annually, in writing, to the City Administrator, setting forth the conditions and activities of the Department. The Director shall periodically report to the City Administrator on the matters as the City Administrator may deem necessary.
   (E)   The Director shall submit to the City Administrator an annual estimate of budgetary and other fiscal requirements of the Department of Public Works.
(1985 Code, § 2-223) (Ord. 94-006, passed 10-11-1994)