(A)   General. The Finance Director is hereby authorized to receive the benefits of the Firefighter's Insurance and Inspection Fund from the County Treasurer via the State Treasurer. All money so collected shall be set apart and shall be paid out only upon the orders of the Board of Trustees under the rules and regulations adopted by it.
   (B)   Disbursements over $100. Before any disbursements exceeding $100 of the fund shall be made by the Finance Director of the city, the Finance Director shall first submit to the supervising trustees of the State Firefighter's Association, a statement of how the funds are to be expended and shall receive from the trustees their written approval of the manner and method by which the funds are to be disbursed. If a proposed disbursement is to be expended legally and in accordance with the law, it shall be mandatory upon the supervising trustees to give their approval. Failure on the part of the Finance Director to comply with the foregoing shall make the Finance Director liable on the officer's official bond.
   (C)   Use of funds. No funds of the Firefighter's Insurance and Inspection Fund shall be divided among Fire Department personnel in cash. When the Fire Department, by a majority, shall provide for the expenditure of any funds for the collective benefit and enjoyment of the entire Department, it shall be mandatory for the local trustees and the state trustees of the State Firefighter's Association to approve the expenditure. None of the funds shall be expended in any manner for any purpose for which the city may be legally liable.
(1985 Code, § 2-212)
Statutory reference:
   Disbursements, see S.C. Code § 38-57-210