(A)   The Chief of Police shall be personally responsible to the City Administrator for the execution of the police mission. The Chief shall promptly execute an order and observe all regulations prescribed by the City Administrator and shall be responsible that all orders and regulations are obeyed and carried out.
   (B)   The Chief shall be directly and personally responsible to the City Administrator for the organization, efficiency, training, discipline and morale of the Police Department.
   (C)   The Chief shall keep the officer's office open and operating during the time prescribed by the City Administrator.
   (D)   The Chief shall ascertain that the operation of the Police Department and any special units under the Chief’s direct control mutually support one another in all matters requiring support and that a high degree of lateral cooperation and exchange of information is maintained.
   (E)   The Chief shall ascertain that all books and records are kept in accordance with current applicable federal, state and municipal laws as required for the proper performance of the Police Department.
   (F)   The Chief shall report annually in writing to the City Administrator, setting forth the conditions and activities of the Police Department. The Chief shall periodically report to the City Administrator on the matters as the City Administrator may deem necessary. The Chief shall submit to the City Administrator an annual estimate of budgetary and other fiscal requirements of the Police Department.
(1985 Code, § 2-179)