(A)   The grantee shall, at all times, maintain:
      (1)   A full and complete set of plans, records and “strand” maps showing the location of the cable television system installed or in use in the city, exclusive of subscriber service drops and equipment provided in subscribers’ homes.
      (2)   If requested by the grantor, a summary of service calls, identifying the number, general nature and disposition of the calls, on a monthly basis. A summary of the service calls shall be submitted to the grantor within 30 days following its request in a form reasonably acceptable to the grantor.
   (B)   Upon reasonable notice, and during normal business hours, the grantee shall permit examination by any duly authorised representative of the grantor, of all franchise property and facilities, together with any appurtenant property and facilities of grantee situated within or without the city, and all records relating to the franchise, provided they are necessary to enable the grantor to carry out its regulatory responsibilities under applicable laws, this chapter and the franchise agreement. The grantee shall have the right to be present at any examination.
   (C)   The city shall also have the right to inspect, upon 24-hours’ written notice, at any time during normal business hours at grantee’s office, all books, records, maps, plans, financial statements, service complaint logs, performance test results, records of request for service and other like materials of grantee as necessary for enforcement of the provisions of this chapter and those of any franchise agreement granted hereunder.
   (D)   Copies of all petitions, applications, communications and reports submitted by the grantee or on behalf of or relating to the grantee to the Federal Communications Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission, or any other governmental authority having jurisdiction with respect to any matters affecting the cable system authorized pursuant to this chapter and any franchise shall be submitted upon request to the city. Copies of responses from the governmental authority to the grantee shall likewise be furnished to the city within 15 days of receipt of the response.
(Ord. 78, passed 10-13-1997)