(A)   A franchise granted by the city under the provisions of this chapter shall encompass the following purposes:
      (1)   To engage in the business of providing cable service to subscribers within the service area;
      (2)   To erect, install, construct, repair, rebuild, reconstruct, replace, maintain and retain cables, lines, related electronic equipment, supporting structures, appurtenances and other property in connection with the operation of a cable system in, on, over, under, upon, along and across streets within the service area;
      (3)   To maintain and operate the franchise properties for the origination, reception, transmission, amplification and distribution of television and radio signals for the delivery of cable services; and
      (4)   To set forth the obligations of a grantee under the franchise agreement.
   (B)   Nothing contained in this chapter relieves a person from liability arising out of failure to exercise reasonable care to avoid injuring the grantee’s facilities while performing work connected with grading, regarding or changing the line of a street or public place or with the construction or reconstruction of a sewer or water system.
(Ord. 78, passed 10-13-1997)