§ 170.08   MOBILE HOMES
   (A)   General Requirements
      1.   Permanent Occupancy. Mobile homes and mobile home parks may be permitted in RMH Residential Mobile Home Districts subject to the restrictions and requirements of this Section.
      2.   Emergency Occupancy. In the event of an emergency requiring the housing of a family due to the loss of regular or conventional living quarter, the Board may issue an improvement location permit for the occupancy of a mobile home for such purpose for a period not to exceed three (3) months, subject to review and action by the Board, provided:
         a.   Such mobile home is to be located on the same property with a residence under repair or reconstruction; and
         b.   Such mobile home shall remain on its wheels and not be placed on a permanent foundation; and
         c.   Occupancy of such mobile homes is restricted to the property owner or persons normally residing on the premises where located; and
         d.   Applicable side yard and setback regulations of the District where it is located are observed.
      3.   Non-residential Occupancy. Mobile homes, trailers or vans may be utilized as contractor's offices, watchman' s shelters, or tool or storage in any District only on the site and during the period of construction of improvement.
      4.   All requirements of this and other Code Sections with respect to water supply and sanitary waste disposal will be met and a letter from the County Health Officer so stating accompanies the application for an improvement location permit for this use.
   (B)   Mobile Home Parks. Notwithstanding any other provision or restriction provided in this Chapter, the following Property Development Standards shall apply to all mobile home development to be developed hereafter.
      1.   Lot size. The minimum size of a mobile home park shall be five (5) acres.
      2.   Lot Coverage. Not more than thirty (30) percent of any lot shall be occupied by buildings.
      3.   Front Yard Setback. The minimum depth of front yard of a mobile home park, where such park abuts a federal or state highway, is seventy (70) feet. The minimum depth of front yard of a mobile home park, where such park abuts a county road, is fifty (50) feet. The minimum depth of front yard of a mobile home park, where such park abuts a local street, is thirty-five (35) feet. If such mobile home park abuts on two or more streets, then there shall be a front yard on each street.
      4.   Side Yard. The minimum depth of side of a mobile home park shall be twenty-five (25) feet, unless adequate screen planting is provided, approved by the Plan Commission. When so approved, the minimum depth of side yard shall be ten (10) feet.
      5.   Rear Yard. The minimum depth of a rear yard of a mobile home park shall be twenty-five (25) feet, unless adequate planting is provided and as provided, approved by the Plan Commission. When so approved, the minimum depth of a rear yard shall be ten (10) feet.
      6.   Stands. Each mobile home site shall be provided with a slab improved to provide adequate support for the placement and tie-down of the mobile home so that it is secure against uplift, sliding, rotation, and overturning.
      Mobile home stands must be so located that when occupied by a mobile home, the clear distance between a mobile home and any adjacent mobile home will be not less than thirty (30) feet, except end to end clear distance which may not be less than twenty (20) feet.
      7.   Additional Standards:
         a.   The clear distance between any mobile home and the centerline of the abutting mobile home park street shall be a minimum of thirty (30) feet.
         b.   Each mobile home shall have access to, and the use of, general storage space of a minimum of two-hundred forty (240) cubic feet.
         c.   No mobile home shall be occupied unless it is supported on masonry blocks or jacks, connected to utilities, and provided with skirting from the bottom of the walls to the ground, made of aluminum or other durable materials. It is recommended that all utility wires and pipes be underground.
         d.   Each mobile home park shall have an underground master television antenna system, and exterior antennas shall not be permitted on individual mobile homes.
         e.   Each mobile home park shall provide refuse containers having a capacity of one (1) cubic yard for each four (4) mobile homes, located so that no mobile home is more than two hundred (200) feet from such a container. Said containers shall be located on a concrete slab, abutting and level with a driveway and shall be screened on all but the driveway side by a fence of at least six (6) feet high.
         f.   Mobile home park streets shall be paved either with Portland cement concrete or Bituminous concrete (including the surfacing procedure commonly known as "chip and seal"). Such streets shall be a minimum of twenty-four (24) feet in width and shall, if to be publicly maintained, be built in conformance with the current street construction standards of the Town.
         g.   A paved sidewalk shall be installed on at least one side of each mobile home park street. The minimum width of such sidewalks shall be three (3) feet.
         h.   The Plan Commission may, as part of its approval, require curbs and/or gutters in mobile home parks, where, in the opinion of the said Commission, drainage of surface water as provided by the applicant in its development plans, is insufficient to properly carry such surface water.
         i.   Surface drainage as approved by the Plan Commission shall be installed and maintained by the applicant or his successor in title.
         j.   There shall be a maximum of two (2) entrances to a mobile home park, unless a different number is provided by the Plan Commission.
         k.   A maximum of nine (9) mobile homes shall be permitted per acre. This maximum shall be determined from the gross acreage of the mobile home park.
         l.   Prior to the issuance of an improvement location permit, an applicant must file with the Zoning Administrator of the Plan Commission, a letter from the Indiana State Board of Health, evidencing approval by such board and compliance with the requirements of such board.
         m.   Each mobile home, or mobile home stand or mobile home space shall be provided with two (2) parking spaces adjacent thereto, which parking spaces shall have unobstructed access to a mobile home park street. No on-street parking shall be permitted.