A.   Territorial Jurisdiction. This Title shall be in full force and effect and shall apply to all lands within the incorporated limits of the City.
   B.   Annexed Territory.
      1.   When any territory shall be brought into the zoning jurisdiction of the City, by annexation or otherwise, such territory shall be deemed to be in the Agriculture (AG) District; unless, after due consideration and upon specific recommendation to the City Council by the Planning Commission, the territory is assigned permanent zoning in accordance with the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan.
      2.   No person shall begin construction of any building or structure or add to any building or structure or cause the same to be done in any newly annexed territory to the City without first applying for and obtaining a Zoning Clearance Permit and Building Permit from the City Planner and Building Official, respectively.
      3.   Permits shall only be issued to allow improvements permitted in the Agricultural (AG) district, unless and until such territory has been reclassified as a new zoning district as prescribed herein.
      4.   This Section shall not preclude subsequent zoning of the property by amendment in the manner set out in Chapter 9 of this Title.
   C.   Public Property. Property owned, leased or operated by the City or any other public or governmental body or agency shall be subject to the terms of this Title.
   D.   Pending Applications. An application for development approval, as well as the approval, conditional approval, or denial of an application shall be governed only by the duly adopted laws and regulations in effect at the time that an application was submitted to the City. (Ord. 746, 11-14-2017)