An application for registration under this tile shall provide to the office of the building official the following information:
   A.   The complete name, mailing address, and telephone number of the person, firm, corporation, or entity making application; if the application is for a firm, corporation or business entity, there must be provided the name and private mailing address of a principal of the firm, corporation or business entity who is authorized to bind the firm, corporation, or business entity in legal agreements. Each applicant must also provide the names of all employees authorized to obtain permits.
   B.   A copy of the applicant’s valid license, issued by the appropriate state board or agency with the authority to issue licenses for that trade.
   C.   Proof of liability insurance in the amount of at least $300,000.00 or a bond in the amount of at least $300,000.00; per claim and per project.
   D.   Any other information deemed necessary by the building official. (Ord. 796, 12-13-2021)