Before any construction activity begins on any project beyond the excavation of foundation footings, the property being constructed upon shall have the following:
   A.   A portable temporary sanitary toilet facility. Two side by side homes, under construction may share one facility. The rating shall not exceed ten workers, with regular servicing.
   B.   A street address prominently displayed at the front of the property and plainly visible from the street.
   C.   A construction debris and trash container (four feet by four feet minimum size). It must contain the debris and trash. Open fencing material will not be allowed.
   D.   No on-site trash or debris burning will be allowed.
   E.   Developments must have a specific and approved concrete wash out station.
   F.   All Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan measures/erosion control protection must be in place prior to and during construction. Appropriate erosion control measures must be installed as necessary for silt containment.
   G.   All excavations three feet in depth or more must have temporary fencing or warning tape fully around the area for fall prevention if excavation is left unattended.
   H.   No construction dirt, sand, supplies or material may be left on the street at any time during construction. It must be left up on the job site. (Ord. 796, 12-13-2021)