A.   Building permits required. No structure shall be erected, moved, added to, enclosed, or structurally altered without a permit therefor, unless the building official approves an exemption from this requirement in writing and issued by the building official. No building permit shall be issued by the building official except in conformity with the provisions of this title.
   B.   Application for building permit. All applications for building permits shall be accompanied by plans drawn to scale, showing the actual dimensions and shape of the lot to be built upon; the exact sizes and locations on a lot of buildings already existing, if any; and the location and dimensions of the proposed building or alteration. The application shall include such other information as lawfully may be required by the building official, including existing or proposed building or alteration; existing or proposed uses of the building and land and such other matters as may be necessary to determine conformance with, and provide for the enforcement of, this title. One copy of the plans shall be returned to the applicant by the building official, after they shall have marked such copy either as approved, approved with stated conditions, or disapproved and attested to same by their signature on such copy. The original and one copy of the plans, similarly marked, shall be retained by the building official for the state or local required retention period.
   C.   Expiration of building permit. If the work described in any building permit has not begun within six calendar months from the date of issuance thereof, said permit shall expire; it shall be cancelled by the building official; and written notice thereof shall be given to the persons affected, together with notice that further work as described in the cancelled permit shall not proceed unless and until a new building permit has been obtained. Failure by the building official to provide such written notice shall not influence the expiration of a building permit.
   D.   Permit fees: The fees for plan review and permits shall be as set forth in the current, separately published fee schedule authorized by this code.
   E.   Refund of fee: In the event a person has paid a building permit fee as provided in this title, including for a plumbing, electric, mechanical or other related permits, and requests a refund thereof prior to any inspections being done for the reason that he or she wants to abandon the permit and not pursue construction, then all but twenty five percent (25%) of the fee shall be refunded. Any amount paid at the time of application for plan review will not be refunded once the application is in review. The twenty five percent (25%) retained shall cover costs of processing the permit. If any inspections have been made, then no portion of the fee will be refunded. Further, no fee will be refunded if requested more than six (6) months after application for the permit. The application for refund shall be made to the building official. (Ord. 796, 12-13-2021)