A.   Officers, employees and contractors of the city, whose duty it may be to enter upon private premises to make inspection of pipes and fixtures or attachments used in connection with the city water lines, shall be provided with a badge or other credential to identify them as officers, employees or contractors of the city. Any officer, employee or contractor of the city shall, upon presentation of his or her badge or other credential provided in this subsection, have free access at all reasonable hours to any premises supplied with city water for the purpose of making any inspection of a water connection or line upon the premises. In case any city employee or contractor of the city is refused admittance to any premises or is prevented from making such inspection, the city utility service department may cause the water service to be discontinued at the premises forthwith.
   B.   No person who is not an officer, employee or contractor of the city shall have, wear or exhibit any badge or credentials of the city. It shall be the duty of every officer, employee or contractor of the city, upon resignation or dismissal from the city, forthwith to surrender and deliver to the city all badges and credentials of the city in his or her possession. (2002 Code § 13.04.160; amd. 2013 Code)