A.   When water service has been discontinued at any premises by application of the owner thereof or for the nonpayment of water charges or for any other cause, it is unlawful for any person to again connect such premises with water service except when authorized to do so by the city. When water is so reinstated without such authority, the city utility service department may turn off the water at the main, or remove a portion of the service connection at the cock; and if the water was turned on by the consumer or by his or her authority, he or she shall be charged the actual cost of discontinuing and reinstating the water supply. (2002 Code § 13.04.170; amd. 2013 Code)
   B.   Should any water consumer cease to be a water consumer by reason of leaving the premises served, and be indebted to the city for water and/or other utilities charges in any amount, and should the same consumer again become a user of water or seek again to have a water connection, the utility service department shall enforce collection for any sum due the city for such charges not having been paid, and refuse the connection until all such claims are paid. (2002 Code § 13.04.090; amd. 2013 Code)