A.   General Requirements: All public or private water main extensions must first be approved by the city engineer and state department of environmental quality. A plat must be filed with the city engineer showing the exact location of extensions, size of line that is proposed to be installed, and the number of consumers that the line is to serve. No line smaller than four inches (4") shall be considered as a public water main. The city may alter the plans of any proposed extensions that are to be connected with the water system of the city, and they shall be constructed subject to inspection by the city engineer or designated representatives from the community development department. When a main extension has been approved, permitted, installed and tested to the satisfaction of the city, it shall become a part of the city system and will be owned, operated and maintained by the city, and the city shall have full authority to operate same as any other part of the system under existing ordinances. The city shall be absolved of all personal or property damage during the time of construction, and the contractor installing the extension shall file proper bond and insurance to the satisfaction of the city engineer.
   B.   Outside City Corporate Limits: Where a water main extension is requested outside the city corporate limits (but within the fence line) by any person, firm or corporation, the policy set out in subsection A of this section will be in effect, with the following exception: The city may require the party making the request to enter into a PFPI contract with the city prior to the time of construction if the city approves the main extension. The city shall have full authority over such construction.
   C.   Specifications: All material used in any water main extension shall meet city engineering design criteria and technical specifications.
   D.   Street Surfacing: All water lines and connections must be in place before any street surfacing is constructed.
   E.   Fee For Testing: All water supplied for the purpose of flushing, pressurizing, or otherwise testing new water lines shall be charged at the prevailing retail rate.
   F.   Inspections: Inspections requested by contractors and builders after working hours and on weekends and holidays may be provided by the city, however, in addition to the normal inspection fee, the inspection charge will be based on the hourly rate of the inspector at two (2) times the base hourly rate. (2002 Code § 13.04.210; amd. 2013 Code)