A.   Application For Service: Any person, firm or corporation desiring to connect a premises with the water supply system of the city shall make application therefor at the utility service department office. The application shall contain the location of the premises where such water is to be used and such other reasonable information as the utility service department may require. The tap charge in effect at time of application must be paid at the time the application is made, and no work will be started by the city until the same is done. (2002 Code § 13.04.020; amd. 2013 Code)
   B.   Contract Established: The application for water service shall be considered a contract with the city and the person making the application agrees:
      1.   To pay for the water consumed at the time the water is consumed.
      2.   To recognize the right of the city to change the rate at any time.
      3.   To recognize the right of the city to temporarily discontinue water service at any time without notice to the consumer, to install, repair or remove a water meter, or for any other proper cause.
      4.   That the contract is subject to all ordinances in effect at the time of making the contract and which may be passed and become effective thereafter.
      5.   That the city shall not be responsible for damage by water or other cause resulting from defective plumbing or otherwise.
      6.   That the fact an agent of the city has inspected any such plumbing shall not be pleaded as a basis for recovery in case of damages to the premises from defective plumbing installed by the owner or occupant of such premises.
      7.   That the city shall not be liable for damages resulting from the interruption or failure of the supply of water, regardless of the cause thereof; and that such failure shall not be held to constitute a breach of contract on the part of the city nor relieve the consumer from performing the obligations of his or her contract. (2002 Code § 13.04.030; amd. 2013 Code)
   C.   Fees And Costs:
      1.   Meter Installation And Connection Fees: Any person, firm, or corporation desiring water service from the city and having made application for such water service at the utility service department office shall pay to the utility service department office the applicable meter setting and connection or utility service tap fee. (2002 Code § 13.04.060; amd. 2013 Code)
      2.   Substantial Distance From Water Main; Responsibility For Costs: Where the premises to be connected is over one hundred feet (100') from the city water main, the applicant for service shall pay the entire cost of installing the pipe any additional distance to the property to be served, provided the designated service has been approved by the utility service department. (2002 Code § 13.04.070; amd. 2013 Code)