The unpermitted sale or display for sale of fireworks shall be unlawful within the city. A license for the sale or display for sale of fireworks shall be issued where the following conditions are met:
   A.   The property proposed as the site for sale has direct access on an arterial street and adequate on site parking so that the operation of the sales area can be conducted without interference with travel on the paved surface of the artery.
   B.   Only class 1.4G fireworks, as defined by the United States department of transportation, are sold on the premises. (Ord. 686, 6-2-2014)
   C.   Fireworks sales shall be permitted from June 15 through July 4 of each year, and only on such other dates as may be approved and specially announced by the city manager as a single exception to the foregoing limitation. (Ord. 693, 12-15-2014)
   D.   The vendor shall post and distribute a notice conforming to the requirements of this chapter to each purchaser of fireworks; said notice to be provided by the city.
   E.   The owner or vendor shall maintain commercial general liability insurance in an amount of at least one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) on each location, and shall submit a corresponding declaration page or other evidence of such insurance with the license application.
   F.   There have been no significant accidents reported to the city from previous operations at the location to be permitted.
   G.   The vendor at each location must obtain an annual license from the city at a cost to be established by the city council and must also provide a copy of the state sales tax permit. Such license shall be posted at each point of sale.
   H.   Vendors that are qualified tax exempt organizations, as defined in this chapter, shall be exempt from the payment of the cost of the license in subsection G of this section. (Ord. 686, 6-2-2014)