A.   Any requirement for a license to practice any professional, mechanical, or other skill shall not apply to any authorized emergency management worker from any other jurisdiction rendering mutual aid and who holds a comparable license in that jurisdiction, if required, who shall practice such professional, mechanical, or other skill during an emergency declared under the provisions of this chapter, when such professional, mechanical or other skill is exercised in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
   B.   The term "emergency management worker" shall include any full time or part time paid, volunteer, or auxiliary employee of any political subdivision of this state, or of any agency or organization, performing emergency management services under state supervision, and who has been properly trained in the performance of emergency management functions, at any place in this state subject to the order or control of, or pursuant to a request of, the state government or any political subdivision thereof. The term "emergency management worker" shall not include any volunteer health practitioner subject to the provisions of the uniform emergency volunteer health practitioners act. (2013 Code)