There is established within the administrative and community development departments of the city the emergency response team referenced in section 5-1-3 of this chapter. This team shall consist of the following:
   A.   Director:
      1.   Appointment: A director of the emergency management program shall be appointed by the city manager and shall serve at the city manager's pleasure or until the repeal of this chapter. The emergency management director shall meet or exceed the qualification requirements established by the Oklahoma department of emergency management pursuant to 63 Oklahoma Statutes section 683.11(B), as the same may be amended or replaced.
      2.   Duties:
         a.   The director shall be the head of the emergency response team and shall be responsible to the city manager for carrying out the emergency management program of the city. He or she shall coordinate the activities of all organizations for the emergency management program within the city, and shall maintain liaisons with and cooperate with emergency management agencies and organizations of other governmental units both within and without the state of Oklahoma, and of the federal government, and shall have such additional authority, duties, and responsibilities as may be authorized under this chapter. (2002 Code § 2.60.030; amd. 2013 Code)
         b.   The director shall have general direction and control of the emergency management program and shall be responsible for carrying out the provisions of this chapter. In so carrying out the provisions of this chapter, the director is expressly authorized to cooperate, insofar as permitted by other appropriate legislation, with the federal government, the government of Oklahoma and its subdivisions, with other states and their subdivisions, and with private agencies in all matters pertaining to the emergency management program in the city. (2002 Code § 2.60.050; amd. 2013 Code)
   B.   Volunteers: Such other volunteer emergency management advisory committees as may be created by the director for the evaluation of technical, professional, or other phases of the work of the emergency management program, and which may provide advisory assistance on any matters pertaining to the city's emergency management program. (2002 Code § 2.60.030; amd. 2013 Code)