3-2-1: Purpose
3-2-2: Definitions
3-2-3: Expiration And Termination Of City-Issued License; Payment Of Occupation Tax; Proration; Operation Without ABLE License And Payment Of Occupation Tax Prohibited
3-2-4: Annual Report To State
3-2-5: Separated Premises; Passageways
3-2-6: Sales In Containers; Consumption Restrictions
3-2-7: Sale At Retail Stores
3-2-8: Location Restrictions
3-2-9: Certificate Of Compliance
3-2-10: Days And Hours Of Operation
3-2-11:    Retail Wine And Retail Spirits Operators Shall Not
3-2-12:    Age Restrictions On Employment And Consumption
3-2-13:    Selling On Credit; Dishonored Payments
3-2-14:    Giving Prizes And Inducements; Discrimination
3-2-15:    Violations And Penalties



1. Article B, regulating the production and sale of "low-point beer" expired on September 30, 2018. On October 1, 2018, Oklahoma no longer recognized the local regulation of low-point beer; chapter B was repealed in its entirety and removed from this code. Simultaneously, the designation of article A was removed and title 3, chapter 2 became the location of regulations on alcoholic beverage businesses operations in the city.