The purpose and intention of this title is generally as follows:
   A.   To provide for the physical development of the city in accordance with the comprehensive master plan and the major street and highway plan as officially adopted by the city and as amended from time to time.
   B.   To provide for the most beneficial relationship between the development of land and building structures, and the circulation of vehicular traffic throughout the city particularly regarding, but not limited to, the following: avoidance of congestion of streets and highways; providing for the movement of traffic and pedestrians appropriate to the various uses of land being subdivided; and providing for the proper location and configuration of lot and block lines, street rights of way, building setback lines, and utility easements, and other considerations.
   C.   To secure and provide for the proper arrangement and alignment of public or private streets or other types of trafficways in relation to existing or planned streets or to the comprehensive master plan as adopted by the city; for adequate and convenient vehicular traffic flow; utility extensions and associated service lines; adequate access for firefighting apparatus, police and other emergency vehicle operations; appropriate and adequately designed parking lots, parks and open spaces, light and air; and for the avoidance of congested population centers.
   D.   To establish a subdivision process that is as expeditious, efficient, and the most cost effective as possible, while providing for the health, safety, convenience, and general welfare of the public.
   E.   To ensure that proper legal descriptions, survey monumentation of land, and adequate and accurate records of the platting of real property subdivisions are kept in conjunction with the subdivision process adopted by the city.
   F.   To ensure that public facilities and utilities are available that will have sufficient capacity to serve the proposed subdivision while providing for the orderly development of the community in general conformance with the comprehensive master plan adopted by the city.
   G.   To consider the natural beauty and topography of the city and to encourage appropriate development with regard to all natural features existing on a particular property.
   H.   To provide that the cost of improvements which primarily benefit the tract of land being subdivided and/or developed be borne by the owners and developers of the property without undue economic burden to the public. (Ord. 747, 11-14-2017)