(A)   The Council will receive applications at the city office, accompanied by an application fee of $640, or the other amount and schedule that the city may, from time to time, set by resolution for advance financed public improvements. Applications shall also be accompanied by:
      (1)   Maps depicting tax lot and assessor’s information;
      (2)   An address list identifying affected adjacent properties and owners;
      (3)   Engineering drawings approved by the Council;
      (4)   Project engineer’s cost estimate or actual cost in cases where the improvement has been constructed; and
      (5)   Three independent bids or a project cost agreed upon by the developer and the Council.
   (B)   The fee will be applied against the cost of administrative analysis of the proposed advance financed public improvements, for the cost of notifying the property owners, and for recording costs. When the city or other public entity is the developer, the Council shall, by motion, direct the Manager to submit the application to the city office without fee.
(Ord. 334-99, passed 12-14-1998)