(A)   (1)   Permittees performing excavation shall excavate in a manner so as to avoid unnecessary inconvenience or annoyance to the general public and occupants of neighboring properties.
      (2)   The permittee shall take appropriate measures to reduce, to the fullest practicable extent, noise, dust, and unsightly debris.
      (3)   Between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., the permittee shall not, except in case of emergency, use any tool, appliance, or other equipment producing noise of sufficient volume to disturb the peace or repose of occupants of neighboring properties.
   (B)   No permittee shall make any excavation at variance with, or in any way contrary to, the terms of the excavation permit issued therefor. Proper bracing shall be maintained to prevent the collapse of adjoining ground. Excavation shall not at any point extend underneath or beyond the width of the opening at ground level.
   (C)   No injury shall be done to pipes, cables, or conduits in making excavation. Notice shall be given to all persons maintaining pipes, cables, or conduits which are or may be endangered or affected by the excavation prior to the time excavation commences.
   (D)   No unnecessary damage or injury shall be done to any tree or shrub or the roots thereof.
   (E)   After excavation commences, the person performing the excavation shall proceed with diligence and promptly complete the work.
   (F)   The permittee shall adequately barricade the area being excavated, and shall install sufficient warning lights to protect the public.
(Ord. 02-2001, passed 1-8-2000) Penalty, see § 50.99