(A)   Conduct studies appropriate to an understanding of area development and its significance to the public interest, as the need arises;
   (B)   Develop and maintain comprehensive plan proposals for recommendation to the City Council;
   (C)   Develop specific plans for selected areas or functions as indicated by studies and other evidence of community need and recommend plan adoption, if appropriate and as the need arises;
   (D)   Investigate and make recommendations regarding the implementation of the comprehensive plan as adopted by the City Council;
   (E)   Prepare and periodically review land development regulations including but not limited to zoning, subdivision, and land partitioning and make recommendations to the City Council;
   (F)   Consult and advise with public agencies and private citizens on ways to carry out the comprehensive plan including matters concerning the area within six miles of the city limits as the need arises;
   (G)   Submit a monthly report to the City Council on the activities of the Planning Commission and on the status of the comprehensive plan and its implementation;
   (H)   Review public programs that are referred to the Commission for recommendation, such as property acquisition or disposition, public building or other public facility proposals, and transportation or right-of-way plans, as the City Council may request. Report as to the program’s conformity with the comprehensive plan; and
   (I)   Review subdivision and partitioning proposals and approve those meeting city and state standards with such requirements or conditions as are found appropriate under the regulations.
(Res. 17-13, passed 6-10-2013)