(A)   The provisions of this chapter are not intended to prevent the use of any alternate material, design, or method of construction not specifically prescribed by this chapter, provided such alternate has been approved and its use authorized by the Building Official.
   (B)   The Building Official may approve any such alternate material, design, or method, provided the Building Official finds that the proposed material, design, or method complies with the provisions of this chapter and that it is, for the purpose intended, at least the equivalent of that prescribed in this chapter in suitability, strength, effectiveness, fire resistance, durability, safety, and sanitation.
   (C)   The Building Official shall require that evidence or proof be submitted to substantiate any claims that may be made regarding its use. The details of any approval of any alternate material, design, or method shall be recorded and entered in the files of the city.
(Ord. 03-2013, passed 11-5-2012)