(A)   Specialty Codes and rules. The following Oregon Specialty Codes, Appendix Chapters thereof and Oregon Administrative Rules, save and except such portions as are deleted, modified, or amended by this chapter, are hereby adopted and incorporated herein as fully as if set forth in full in this chapter, and the same shall be controlling and enforced within the entire corporate limits of the city:
      (1)   Oregon Structural Specialty Code, as adopted by OAR 918-460-0010 through 918-460-0015;
      (2)   Oregon Residential Specialty Code, as adopted by OAR 918-480-0002 through 918-480-0010;
      (3)   Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code, as adopted by OAR 918-750-0110 through 918- 750-0115;
      (4)   Oregon Electrical Specialty Code, as adopted by OAR 918-305-0100 to 918-305- 0105;
      (5)   Oregon Mechanical Specialty Code, as adopted by OAR 918-440-0010 through 918-440-0012;
      (6)   Manufactured Dwelling Code:
         (a)   Parks. The manufactured dwelling park and mobile home park rules adopted by OAR 918-600-0005 through 918-600-0030; and
         (b)   Manufactured home installations. The manufactured dwelling rules adopted by OAR 918-500-0000 through 918-500-0590.
      (7)   Recreational Park and Organizational Camp Regulations as adopted by OAR 918-650-0000 through 918-650-0080.
   (B)   Compliance. No person shall conduct building or related activities without compliance with these standards.
(Ord. 03-2013, passed 11-5-2012)  Penalty, see § 153.99