(A)   Application process. Upon receipt of a completed application and fee, the City Recorder shall refer the application to the appropriate city department(s) for review.
   (B)   Issuance. The City Recorder shall issue a license if the City Recorder finds that the application has been approved by the appropriate department(s), or can meet approval through appropriate conditions. Use of city property by public bodies, including all boards, committees, and commissions of the city and other governmental entities, shall be given priority. Subject to the prior or superior rights of such public bodies, the application of any person, association, or organization will be considered on a “first-come” basis.
   (C)   Appeal. Any person whose application for a license has been denied, whose license has been issued subject to conditions, who disagrees with the transient merchant class assigned to the application, or whose license has been subsequently revoked, may appeal the decision to the City Council. The appeals shall be filed within five days of the date of the decision from which the appeal is being made and shall be filed with the City Recorder. No business shall be conducted while the appeal is pending. The fee for appeals shall be set by Council resolution. The Council shall schedule a hearing date that shall not be later than the second regular session following the filing of the written appeal with the City Recorder, and shall notify the applicant of the date and time that the applicant may appear either in person or by a representative.
(Ord. 05-2006, passed 5-8-2006)