§ 110.08  ENFORCEMENT.
   (A)   Application denial. The Mayor and Council may deny an application on the following grounds:
      (1)   Materially false, misleading, or omitted information in the application;
      (2)   Failure to provide proof of compliance with, or violation of, federal and state licensing and bonding requirements;
      (3)   Previous ownership or operation of a business under this chapter that has been found to constitute a public nuisance which was ordered abated;
      (4)   Conviction of the applicant or owner within the past seven years of any crime relating to fraud, theft, or the business activity being conducted, or any crime which in the opinion of the Mayor and Council bears unfavorably on the character and ability of the person to conduct business with the general public;
      (5)   The proposed business is not lawful; and
      (6)   The applicant or owner owes the city any fees or fines, whether related to this chapter or not.
   (B)   Summary suspension. Upon determination that the conduct of the business creates an imminent threat to life, public health, or property, the City Recorder may summarily suspend the business license for a period not to exceed 30 days, upon issuing a notice to the licensee stating the reason therefor. The notice shall be delivered to the licensee. Suspension takes effect immediately. The licensee may appeal the suspension to the Mayor and Council. The City Recorder may rescind the suspension if the business conduct is remedied. The Mayor and Council shall be promptly informed of the suspension and shall promptly consider whether to revoke the business license.
   (C)   Revocation. Upon suspension of a business license, or whenever grounds appear, the Mayor and Council may revoke a business license at a scheduled public meeting upon finding that the licensee has violated provisions constituting grounds for denial of an application under this chapter, fails to allow a lawful inspection of the business premises of records, or otherwise violates any provision of this chapter. The City Recorder shall promptly provide written notice of the revocation to the licensee. Notice of revocation shall be given at least 15 days before the revocation effective date unless an appeal or writ of review is filed. The Mayor and Council may suspend a license, or continue a suspension, until the revocation date if the licensee’s noncompliance threatens life, public health, or property.
   (D)   Late renewal. If a licensee with a license that expired December 31 in the prior year fails to renew the license for the current year, and is conducting business in the current year without a new annual license but is otherwise in compliance with this chapter, the City Recorder may accept a late application for renewal with a one-time late charge of $100 for each calendar month or part thereof that the person conducted business without a license in the current year in lieu of any other penalty.
   (E)   Legal enforcement. The city may obtain relief, including an injunction, for violations of this chapter.
(Ord. 01-2019, passed 8-12-2019)