§ 92.05  SIGNS.
   (A)   A combined total of six directional or advertising signs may be used for a sale.
   (B)   Not more than two of the signs may be placed on city street or sidewalk right-of-way but the signs must be located outside of the traveled portion of a roadway and may not obstruct or impair pedestrian traffic on a sidewalk.
   (C)   Signs may be placed on another’s property with the property owner’s permission.
   (D)   Signs may be no larger than three square feet each.
   (E)   Signs may be placed not sooner than 24 hours before the sale and must be removed within 24 hours after closing on the final day of the sale.
   (F)   Signs may not be placed on telephone or utility poles.
(Ord. 01-2007, passed 9-11-2006)  Penalty, see § 92.99