(A)   The Mayor shall cause each declaration made by him or her pursuant to this subchapter to be publicly announced by means of radio broadcast from any radio station with its normal operating range covering the city, and he or she may cause the declaration to be further announced in a newspaper of general circulation within the city when feasible. Each announcement shall prescribe the action taken by the Mayor, including the time it became or will become effective, and shall specify the particular use for which the use of water be prohibited.
   (B)   Whenever the Mayor shall find the conditions which gave rise to the water prohibition in effect pursuant to this subchapter no longer exist, he or she may declare the prohibition terminated in whole or in part in the manner prescribed by this subchapter, effective immediately upon announcement.
   (C)   The Mayor shall make or cause to be made a record of each time and date when any declaration is announced to the public in accordance with this section, and this includes the notice of termination, both in whole or in part.
(Ord. 249, passed 7-11-1977)