(A)   Responsibility for customer equipment.
      (1)   The Water Department shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any nature whatsoever caused by any defect in the customer’s line, plumbing, or equipment, nor shall the Water Department be liable for loss or damage due to interruption of service or temporary changes in pressure.
      (2)   The customer shall be responsible for valves on his or her premises being turned off when the water service is turned on.
   (B)   Responsibility for Water Department equipment. Water Department equipment on the customer’s premises remains the property of the Department and may be repaired, replaced, or removed by the Department employees at any time without consent of the customer. No payment will be made to the property owner for the right to install, maintain, replace, or remove Water Department equipment on his or her premises. The property owner must keep vicious dogs or other animals secured or confined to avoid interference with the utility operation and maintenance.
   (C)   Damage to Water Department equipment. The customer shall be liable for any damage to equipment owned by the Water Department which is caused by an act of the customer, his or her tenants, agents, employees, contractors, licensees, or permittees. Damage to equipment shall include, but not be limited to, breaking of seals and locks, tampering with meters, injury to meters, including, but not limited to, damages by hot water or steam, and damaged meter boxes, curb stops, meter stops, and other appurtenances.
(Ord. 232, passed 8-13-1974)