(A)   Discontinuance. It is the policy of the city to discontinue utility service to customers by reason of nonpayment of bills only after notice and a meaningful opportunity to be heard on disputed bills. The city’s form for application for utility service shall contain, in addition to the title, address, and telephone number of the official in charge of billing, clearly visible and easily readable provisions to the effect:
      (1)   All bills are due and payable on or before the date set forth on the bill; and
      (2)   If any bill is not paid by or before that date, a turn-off notice may be sent, stating the date on which water will be turned off if the delinquent account is not paid in full prior thereto. This notice shall further state that any customer disputing the correctness of his or her bill shall have a right to a hearing at which time he or she may be represented in person and by counsel or any other person of his or her choosing and may present orally or in writing his or her complaint and contentions to the city official in charge of utility billing. This official shall be authorized to order that the customer’s service not be discontinued and shall have the authority to make a final determination. The turn-off date shall be at least seven days from the date of the notice.
   (B)   Waivers. Requests for delays or waiver of payment will not be entertained; only questions of proper and correct billing will be considered. In the absence of payment of the bill rendered or resort to the hearing procedure provided herein, service will be discontinued at the time specified, but in no event until the charges have been due and unpaid for at least 30 days.
   (C)   Reinstatement. When it becomes necessary for the city to discontinue utility service to a customer for nonpayment of bills, service will be reinstated only after all bills for service then due have been paid, along with a turn-on charge in the sum of $30.
   (D)   Water waste. Where water is wastefully or negligently used on a customer’s premises, seriously affecting the general service, the Water Department may discontinue service if such conditions are not corrected after due notice by the Water Department.
   (E)   Service detrimental to others. The Water Department may refuse to furnish water and may discontinue service to any premises where excessive demands by one customer will result in inadequate service to others.
   (F)   Fraud or abuse. The Water Department will refuse or discontinue service to any premises where it is deemed necessary to protect the Water Department from fraud or abuse. Discontinuance of service from one or both of these causes will be made immediately upon receipt of knowledge by the Water Department that the condition or conditions exist.
   (G)   Unauthorized turn-on. Where the water service has been discontinued for any reason and the water is turned on by the customer or other unauthorized person, the water may then be shut off at the main or the meter removed. The charges for shutting off the water at the main or removing the meter shall be computed at actual cost to the Water Department plus 15% overhead, but not less than $____. These charges shall be billed to the offending customer and water shall not be furnished to the premises or customer until such charges are paid and the Water Department has reasonable assurance that the violation will not reoccur.
   (H)   Noncompliance with regulations. The Water Department may, upon five days’ notice discontinue service to a customer’s premises for failure to comply with any of the provisions of these regulations.