(A)   Application form. Each applicant for water service shall sign an application form provided by the Water Department giving the date of application, location of premises to be served, the date the applicant desires services to begin, purpose for which service is to be used, the address for mailing of the billings, the class and the size of the meter service and the other information as the Water Department may reasonably require. In signing the application, the customer agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the Water Department. The application is merely a written request for service and does not bind the Water Department to serve.
   (B)   Deposits and establishment of credit. At the time application for service is made, the applicant shall establish his or her credit with the Water Department.
      (1)   Establishment of credit. The credit of the applicant will be deemed established if the applicant makes a cash deposit with the Water Department to secure the payment of bills for service. The deposit shall be a sum equal to the base residential utility bill for two months’ service.
      (2)   Deposits. At the time the deposit is given to the Water Department, the applicant will be given a receipt for the same. The deposit is not to be considered as a payment on account. In the event the service is discontinued, the deposit will be applied on the closing bill and any amount in excess of the closing bill will be refunded. The Water Department will not pay interest on any deposit.
      (3)   Forfeiture of deposit. If an account becomes delinquent and it is necessary to turn off the service, the deposit shall be applied to the unpaid balance due. Water service will not be restored to that premises or that customer at different premises until all outstanding bills due the Water Department have been paid and the cash deposit replaced, together with a $30 service charge as provided in § 53.11(F)(4).
   (C)   Application amendments.
      (1)   Customers desiring a material change in the size, character, or extent of equipment or operation which would result in a material change in the amount of water used shall give the Water Department written notice of the change prior to the change and the application for service shall be amended.
      (2)   Customers desiring a change in the size, location, or number of services shall fill out an amended application.
(Ord. 232, passed 8-13-1974; Ord. 04-2002, passed 12-10-2001)