(A)   When, for any reason, the system development charge has not been paid, the City Recorder shall report to the Council the amount of the uncollected charge, the description of the real property to which the charge is attributable, the date upon which the charge was due, and the name of the landowner. Notice of the Council meeting shall be given to the property owner, including a copy of the City Recorder report and a statement declaring the city’s intent to discuss the matter at a regularly scheduled Council meeting. Notice shall be delivered either personally or by certified mail, return receipt requested, or by both personal and mailed notice, and by posting notice on the parcel at least ten days before the set date of the hearing.
   (B)   At the meeting, if the Council finds that a systems development charge is unpaid and uncollected, it shall, by motion, direct the City Recorder to docket the unpaid and uncollected system development charge in the lien docket. Upon completion of the docketing, the city shall have a lien against the described land for the full amount of the unpaid charge, together with interest at the legal rate of 10% and with the city’s actual cost of serving notice of the meeting on the owners. The lien shall be enforceable in the manner provided in ORS Chapter 223.
(Ord. 332, passed 11-20-1998)