(A)   Applicable system development charges are payable upon issuance of:
      (1)   A building permit or a development permit;
      (2)   A land use permit or action not requiring the issuance of a building permit;
      (3)   A permit to connect to the water system; or
      (4)   Permit to connect to the sewer system.
   (B)   If development is connected or connection is made to the water and sewer system without an appropriate permit, the system development charge is immediately due and payable.
   (C)   The City Recorder shall collect the applicable system development charge from the owner of the parcel when a permit that allows building or development of a parcel is issued or when a connection to the water or sewer system of the city is made.
   (D)   The City Recorder shall not issue the permit or allow the connection until the charge has been paid in full or until provision for installment payments has been made pursuant to § 52.21, or unless an exemption is granted pursuant to § 52.23.
(Ord. 332, passed 11-20-1998; Ord. 02-2003, passed 3-10-2003)