A.   Created: There is hereby created a street numbering system and address schedule for the village. The address schedule and street numbering system of the village shall conform to and be a continuation and extension of the system used by the village of Glen Ellyn, Illinois. (1978 Code §§ 8-2-6-1, 8-2-6-2)
   B.   Baselines: The baselines for the village street numbering system shall be as follows:
      1.   North-South:
         a.   North Avenue shall equal 1200.
         b.   Numbers shall increase to the north and decrease to the south.
      2.   East-West:
         a.   Pearl Street extended equals 400.
         b.   Numbers shall increase to the east and decrease to the west. (1978 Code § 8-2-6-3)
   C.   Layout And Manner Of Assigning Addresses: The area of the village shall be laid out, numbered and addressed as follows:
      1.   There shall be four (4) blocks per site.
      2.   Hundred digits shall change every one-fourth (1/4) of a mile.
      3.   Intersecting streets shall have no bearing on the numbering system.
      4.   Numbers shall be assigned at intervals of approximately twenty six and one-half feet (261/2').
      5.   Where more than one number may be assigned to a lot, the one nearest the center of the lot should be used.
      6.   Odd number addresses shall be on the east and south sides of the street.
      7.   Even number addresses shall be on the west and north sides of the street. (1978 Code § 8-2-6-4)